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Activities That You Can Do During a Vacation in The Lake Shasta

Before Shasta Dam created, it was frequent flood every raining season. This tragedy often floods the city, village, and around the valley. In 1940 the dam was created and also hold the largest reservoir in California. Now, this spot has become a popular attraction in summer vacation for Bay Area Residents. Just take 15 minutes from Redding, Lake Shasta has campgrounds, hiking trails, and many more with a total area of around 360-mile on the lakeside. Only in summer, it will be flooded with visitor because the temperature is very nice warm. You can visit in spring or fall if you don’t like summer warm and try some activities over there.

Touring Lake Shasta

Most of the tourists are taking hiking trails as their favorite hobby. Lakeside of Shasta is best to track and excellent views. Water Gluch, Clikapudi, and Bailey Cove are easy to track for a beginner option. It’s also popular for mountain bikers and trail runners. Dry Fork Creek and Fisherman Point provide swimming and fishing access area. Samwel Cave Nature and Greens Creek only accessible by boat.


Lake Shasta Traveling by Boat

Because Lake Shasta is vast, boating is the best way to enjoy this lake. But If you don’t have your boat, you can rent a canoe, speed boat, or houseboat from one of the many famous resorts around the lake. If you are in a large group, you can rent a houseboat as a place to stay. By boat, and it’s the best way to explore the many headlands and coves on the lake.

Visit the Lake Shasta Caves

Lake Shasta Caves has a limestone cave that only accessible via boat, it’s under McCloud Lake Arm network plate which you may need a tour guide trip because it’s quite dangerous and the place isn’t really friendly for disable people because full of walking down and up also climbing stairs, cave tours are offered all year round.

Visit Dam of Shasta

Around the 1940s, Shasta’s Dam was the second-highest dam in the world while in time of completion. This large curve dam stretches on the Sacramento River along to the north of Redding, and it also generates hydroelectric power and regulates water flow to the Central Valley of California. You can get a free guide tour offered every day, this tour includes 400ft life to the base of its dam.

Climbing Mount Shasta

At 14,179 feet above the sea, Mount Shasta is the fifth peak in California and is a dream peak for many climbers. The Avalanche Gulch is the most popular hiking route and it can reach the summit which has an altitude of approximately 7,000 feet. High experienced climbers can reach the summit within one day, but most likely beginner climbers can take more than a day to reach it.